Satisfied Customers

"When I heard that Ms. Feinberg was opening a company for her translation and editing services, I was a bit concerned—now I would have to share her exceptional abilities as an editor and translator with many other people! I have no doubt whatsoever that Global Language will be successful due to Ms. Feinberg’s professional skills and the fact that she is one of the most intelligent people I have encountered. Every client’s text will be read with critical eyes and edited and/or translated in the most professional manner possible.

In addition to her understanding, Becky possesses a combination of traits in which every client in need of advising, editing, or translation services should be interested: professionalism, exactness, flexibility, a good work ethic, and an understanding of the importance of meeting deadlines. Moreover, Becky possesses another characteristic that most of the other translators and editors I have worked with in the past lack: an ability to see the big picture and “think outside the box” (or, as we say in Hebrew, “Rosh Gadol”). Becky will never skip over a problematic sentence or section when translating or editing, but rather invest the thought and creativity necessary to find the perfect solution. For this reason, I warmly recommend the translation and editing services of this company."

Dr. Zohar Kampf, Assistant Professor, Communication and Journalism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem