Communication is essential, whether you are in academia, the private business sector, or the public arena. The ability to express yourself clearly, concisely, and effectively translates into getting your article published, making the sale, and articulating your organization's goals to the target audience.

At Global Language, helping you express yourself in English is our specialty. Our excellence in a variety of fields will improve your presentations, articles, proposals, papers, personal and business correspondence, and other documents.


Global Language offers top-quality English editing services to academics, business people, and more. Are you working towards your tenure and need to get those journal articles published? Perhaps your conference lecture or sales pitch needs proofreading or suggestions for improvement? We specialize in editing academic articles in the social sciences and humanities, marketing and fundraising materials, and presentations.

Content Writing

Global Language also provides content writing services for businesses and organizations. Are you translating your website to English and need interesting, search-engine-effective content? Maybe you're looking for investors or donors and need to effectively market a product or program? Let us do the hard part for you. We have the experience and skills to create appealing content for brochures, websites, and other marketing materials.

Hebrew-to-English Translation

Global Language provides Hebrew-to-English translation services to a variety of clients. Maintaining the message and tone of the original text, while creating a document with style and finesse, takes time, effort, and comprehension skills. We go the extra mile to understand the author's intent and target audience, resulting in an accurate, well-written article, report, or proposal.

Writing Courses for Business Professionals

Global Language is happy to introduce a new service - Writing Courses for Business Professionals. In today's global economy, your employees' communication skills in English are extremely important. Clear, relevant writing can make or break a deal, and it's sometimes hard to know what to write and how to write it. Contact Global Language to learn more about creating a tailored course for your company or organization's needs.

More Information

Contact us for a personalized price quote - plenty of satisfied customers have benefited from our first-class editing, translating, and writing skills and excellent customer service.